Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a natural treatment using a gentle flow of water to cleanse the bowel and return it to a more natural healthy state.   The treatment helps alleviate the symptoms of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and bloating as well as assisting optimal digestive function.

The Procedure

Warm filtered water is introduced into the colon via a small tube that is gently placed in the rectum. As the warm water enters you’ll feel a fullness as the colon fills then a relaxing feeling as it empties. The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled and all waste is drained away discreetly in a closed system with absolutely no mess or odours.  The treatment duration is approximately 40-45 minutes but please allow an hour and a half for the first treatment to go through a comprehensive health questionnaire/ consultation. All treatments are completely confidential and carried out with the utmost privacy and dignity.


Colon Hydrotherapy

One Treatment £70,   Subsequent Treatments £60,   Course of 3 Treatments £170

Coffee Enemas

One Treatment £45,   Subsequent Treatments £40,   Course of 3 Treatments £110

Special Offers

Colon Hydrotherapy plus Coffee Enema £80

Vitamin B12 Wellness Injection